Feds to Drop Charges Against Marijuana Campaigner

The legal odyssey started nine years ago when a knock on the door woke James Turner from a nap. It is scheduled to end Friday when he walks from the Ottawa courthouse with a clean legal slate.

As 51-year-old Turner recalls it, the police officer who arrived at his door in 2006 was holding a Glock pistol, and deeper in the yard another officer was positioned behind an M16.

“They said I had to clear the house because they had to make sure nobody was being held hostage and I didn’t have a choice,” said Turner. “I found out later that I did have a choice and could have told them, ‘No, you can’t come in.’ They never had a warrant. It was a mistaken 911 call.”

The officers found a quantity of marijuana, handcuffed Turner and locked him in a cell for 12 hours before releasing him on a “promise to appear” in court to face charges of possession and production of marijuana.

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