Year in Review: 2015’s Biggest Moments in Cannabis

It’s been a year of notable progress for cannabis. Although 2015 was perhaps not quite as eventful as 2014 in major wins for cannabis legalization, this year brought cannabis more and more into the limelight as advocates secured meaningful victories across the country, states allowing recreational use grappled with the best way to regulate new markets, and new perspectives emerged even in states that had been staunchly anti-cannabis states. Below is a roundup of some of the biggest victories the cannabis movement saw in 2015. Here’s to a beautiful year!


When Washington, D.C., legalized recreational use and possession of cannabis in last November’s election, District residents could hardly believe it. Sure enough, when it came time for the laws to change, Congress — and one Maryland senator in particular — went out of their way to try to stop legalization from going into effect. Lawmakers blocked any District funding for recreational implementation and made sure the sale of cannabis remained illegal. Despite it all, D.C. prevailed. Although retail shops still don’t exist, possession is legal and supporters oftenhand out cannabis seeds free of charge, as it is legal for adults to grow their own limited amounts.

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