Colorado Cannabis Tourism Guide: Welcome to the Club Ned Experience

The locals around the mountain town of Nederland, Colorado, have been raising some of America’s best homegrown cannabis since the ’60s. “There are a lot of fragrant tool sheds and storerooms around here,” one local farmer told Leafly during a recent visit. When legalization arrived two years ago, Nederland was ready. The 1,500 residents in this former mining outpost, 8,233 feet high in the Rockies, support two grow supply stores, an uncounted number of commercial grows, two retail cannabis shops, and the state’s first licensed cannabis consumption club.

It was the club that brought us here. We drove up from Boulder, about 30 minutes away, to partake in the Club Ned experience on a chilly autumn weeknight. It took some doing to find the place. There’s no neon beacon in the window, just a small sign on a high wooden fence.

A knock on the gate brought David Fanelli, who co-owns the establishment with his wife Cheryl.

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