The US University Making Students the Masters of Marijuana

Cannabis is fast becoming a legitimate business, worth $3bn a year. And Oaksterdam University aims to capitalise on that

Jean Kennedy has degrees in biology and a Master’s in special education. Now, she’s trying to decide what to do with her third degree: a  certificate of achievement from Oaksterdam University, the Harvard Business School of marijuana.

“I’m Italian,” said Ms Kennedy, 56, a retired high school biology teacher with graying hair and a heavy New York accent. “You know Italians, we grow tomatoes. Maybe I’ll grow some plants.”

Horticulture 102 is one of the many subjects she studies at Oaksterdam, whose campus is set amid the hip cafés, restaurants and cannabis dispensaries of downtown Oakland. Founded in 2007, the school sees itself as a training ground for citizen advocates in the fight to legalise marijuana.

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