Jodie Emery Waxes on Toking With Trudeau

Canada’s “Princess of Pot” is glad that we finally have a new prime minister. But long-time marijuana activist Jodie Emery knows that Justin Trudeau’s plan to legalize cannabis could go up in flames.

“Everybody’s in favour of legalizing it,” Emery tells 24 Hours. “Now, it’s about how. And when you talk about how, that’s very different.”

The new government would be wise to consult with the cannabis advocate and her husband, Marc.

The couple run the Cannabis Culture head shops, vapour lounges and an online magazine out of Vancouver. They’ve been able to put a stronger focus on the business in the last year – ever since Marc returned from prison in the U.S., where he served a five-year sentence for selling cannabis seeds.

But when Jodie was rejected by the federal Liberal party for trying to run as a candidate earlier this year, many wondered if Trudeau would forge ahead without the Emerys in his quest to legalize marijuana.

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