Ganja Stylist: The Secret World of Trimming

Harvest season in Northern California is a remarkable time of year. The leaves are a rainbow of autumn colors, the air is cool and crisp, summer comes to San Francisco and the psychedelic excess of festival season gives way to a mellow reconnecting with the bounty of the land. It also marks the beginning of trim season and the annual emergence of a unique cannabis subculture, a sort of underground aspect, of the pot world.

Rumors of nomadic tribes of hippies, travelers and artists who spend harvest season trimming their way across Northern California via word-of-mouth connections – sometimes in opulent mansions with catered food and on-site massage therapists – may, at first, sound like mere fantasy. Indeed, tales of earnings upwards of $20,000 per season — which trimmers purportedly use to do things like finance ambitious world travel plans, produce art and music or subsidize college tuition — are as plentiful in this region as they are fanciful.

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