Canada’s Green Rush: An Interview with Jodie Emery, the “Pot Princess of Vancouver”

Canada’s Liberal Party victory for cannabis means that legalization is all but a sure thing. We sat down with Jodie Emery, known as the “Pot Princess of Vancouver,” who runs Cannabis Culture with her husband Mark, to discuss what the future holds for cannabis in Canada, as well as what’s in store for Cannabis Culture.

Leafly: The Liberal Party (and Justin Trudeau) have made campaign promises to federally legalize cannabis. How soon do you think that this could happen?

Jodie Emery: Justin Trudeau said immediately and, in fact, legalization is the official Liberal Party policy. The majority of Canadians support cannabis legalization. What we need now are dispensary regulations, which have already been happening in Vancouver [British Columbia]. Justin Trudeau is an admitted marijuana user, and hopefully he realizes that this is so much bigger than just a law enforcement issue. We activists have to push to implement the best regulatory policy.

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