Marijuana Industry Relieved that Biden is Out

The marijuana industry is breathing a sigh of relief that Joe Biden decided against running for President. The current Vice President’s stance on the legalization of marijuana is much more conservative than Bernie Sander’s or Hillary Clinton’s.

“If Biden had been elected President, he would most likely have increased enforcement of Federal Anti-Cannabis Laws,” said Eddie Miller, CEO of Green Rush. “The industry will undoubtedly support Clinton, who took a very neutral stance and Bernie Sanders who seems to be the ‘Cannabis Candidate.’ The industry has also donated to Rand Paul, a libertarian Republican.”

During the recent Democratic debate, Sanders was asked if he would vote yes for recreational marijuana. His response was, “I suspect I would vote yes.” He went on to explain that the unfair criminal system was the reason why he would vote that way. Sanders said, “This war on drugs has done a tremendous amount of damage.”

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