Toronto’s Karma Cup Will Be the Largest Marijuana Competition in Canadian History

CANNABIS CULTURE – High numbers of pot connoisseurs are expected to cloud Toronto this weekend when The Karma Cup – the largest marijuana strain-judging competition in Canadian history – hosts its three-day event at some of the city’s premiere vapor lounges.

“I really want to promote the spectacle and historic nature of the of what we’re doing here,” Karma Cup organizer Sarah Sunday said. “We’ve got more entires than any other cup in Canada. Not just quantity but the actual quality of entires is outstanding this year. There are some very amazing producers out there.”

The second-annual Karma Cup boasts a unprecedented 100 cannabis entires, including 15 indica, 12 sativa, 19 hybrid, 15 shatter, 7 budder, 5 solventless, 18 edibles, and 9 topical; as well as 17 heady glass entires.

“This event is to recognize industry leaders,” Sunday said. “People who are setting standards and creating best practices for the entire community. It’s meant to take us out of the closet and into the professional arena.”

Entrance to this “elite” cannabis competition is limited and tickets were sold-out quickly. Locations are kept secret until the weekend of the event. Strain information is confidential.

“We go to great pains to not reveal the source of the entry or anything really about it until the winners are announced,” Sunday said.

The success of last year’s event caused serious buzz across Canada’s marijuana community, which Sunday said generated a lot of interest in sponsorship.

“We’ve had lots of support from many areas in the community and a stroke of luck with over 50 sponsors,” she said. “We’re creating a platform for competitors and for sponsors to promote and publicize their products with integrity.

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