How Cannabis Could Help Solve the Substance Abuse Epidemic

I realize that headline might come off as contradictory to anyone who sees cannabis as a part of the substance abuse problem at large, but if you were to entertain the irony of it for a moment, you might find yourself surprised by the ways cannabis is helping this epidemic.

From early drug education to the social stigmas of adulthood, we’re constantly being told that cannabis is just another drug to avoid. But now that attitudes and laws are beginning to shift, we have evidence that the relationship individuals have with marijuana is so much more complicated than that. Realizing the potential cannabis has to change lives for the better can be the difference between life and death for many people, and that is anything but an exaggeration.

Like everything that produces any type of pleasure response, people can certainly become dependent on cannabis, but unless there are any big plans on re-wiring the human brain altogether, we’ll have to accept that humans are always going to chase the things that make them feel good.

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