A Dangerous Woman? Because I Like Marijuana?

I am the author of Just Say Yes: A Marijuana Memoir, published on April 20 this year. In this book, I chose to organize the major events of my life around a marijuana spine. I thought it was high time that someone came out as a longtime recreational user for whom cannabis has proved not ruinous – but life-enhancing. I felt called to offer the events of my life as a testimony to that.

Recently I was attacked in a long article (1100 words!) in Huffington Post entitled Catherine Hiller is Not Your Average Marijuana Legalizer – She’s More Dangerous. So I am a “dangerous” woman. I have to admit, part of me was flattered. But I was also outraged that my book had been willfully misconstrued.

The author of the article writes, and I’m going to quote him at length here:

Her message is unlike what you’ll hear from drug liberalization advocates: It’s far more dangerous. What differentiates Catherine Hiller from most marijuana legalization or decriminalization advocates is that her stories and interviews seem to actually encourage heavy marijuana use, even by young people. The majority of organizations touting a pro-marijuana agenda have a policy statement like that of the Students for Sensible Drug Policy: that the organization “neither condones nor condemns drug use.” Hiller’s message seems to be distinctly different — that long, sustained marijuana use from an early age is certainly okay and possibly even desirable.

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