Marijuana Legalization 2015: US Pot Arrests Increased in 2014 with 1 Every 45 Seconds, FBI Data Show

Even as many U.S. states continue to reform and ease legislation governing the use of marijuana, both medicinal and recreational, enforcement of laws against the drug’s use has apparently hardened. Nearly 701,000 people were arrested in 2014 for marijuana-related offenses, which means roughly one arrest for pot every 45 seconds, data from the FBI shows, according to Marijuana Majority, a group promoting reform of marijuana laws.

Those 700,993 marijuana arrests last year were up more than 7,000 from the year before. Nearly 90 percent of all marijuana arrests in 2014 were attributed solely to possession of the drug, though the average amount of weed for those possession charges was immediately unclear.

“It’s unacceptable that police still put this many people in handcuffs for something that a growing majority of Americans think should be legal,” Tom Angell, chairman of Marijuana Majority, said in a statement Monday. “A record number of states are expected to vote on legalizing marijuana next year, so we hope and expect to see these numbers significantly dropping soon. There’s just no good reason that so much police time and taxpayer money is spent punishing people for marijuana when so many murders, rapes and robberies go unsolved.”

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