Marijuana Dispensary’s Contest Offers Voters a Chance to Win Free Pot

A marijuana dispensary in Vancouver is hosting a contest to encourage people to vote in this year’s federal election, with top prizes of free pot and Snoop Dogg tickets. To enter, contestants must prove they cast a ballot on Oct. 19.

“This is a non-partisan initiative,” said Danny Kresnyak, who is leading the Eden Medicinal Society’s contest. “We aren’t telling people who to vote for, we’re simply telling them to vote…. Our registered clientele is well into the five figures, and we think that’s an important demographic.”

Eden members participating in the contest are eligible to win a judges’ pass for the 1st Annual Harvest Moon Cup, a cannabis competition, valued at $400. The winner will also have the opportunity to sample at least 40 strains of cannabis entered in the competition.

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