Ganja Yoga at the Cannabis Culture Lounge

CANNABIS CULTURE – Ganja Yoga is back at the Cannabis Culture Lounge Wednesday night at 6PM.

Deepen your yoga and meditation practice by incorporating one of nature’s sacred teacher plants, cannabis, in the discipline of hatha yoga with Instructor Semir Yusuf.

Set with the right intentions, music, environment and your cannabis contribution, Semir will guide your journey in showing you how this marijuana can further your practice with an experience you won’t forget.

“Ganja Yoga is about using the cannabis plant in a more conscious way that helps you deepen your practice,” Semir told Cannabis Culture. “Cannabis is a perfect tool for going deeper inside yourself.”

Please try to reserve your spot by joining on the Ganja Yoga Facebook page as space is limited to heighten the experience. Drops-ins are also welcome!

Please bring your cannabis contribution and yoga mat 🙂

$10 includes yoga and entry into the lounge.

Find out more on the Ganja Yoga Facebook page.