Marijuana Dispensary Opens in Brockton

David Noble, president of In Good Health, discussed opening day with media outside his facility.

BROCKTON — The state’s second medical marijuana dispensary opened Friday morning, receiving what its president described as brisk but orderly business.

“Overall, our patients are very happy today,” said David B. Noble, president of In Good Health, which was granted a 90-day waiver on Wednesday that allows it to sell marijuana that has not been fully tested for pesticides and other contaminants.

Noble said that by midday Friday, his dispensary had seen 100 to 150 customers at its 1200 W. Chestnut St. facility, a sprawling one-story building in the city’s southeastern corner, near the Easton line. Each patient spent about an hour and 15 minutes waiting in line and making their purchase, he said.

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