What Would a Trump Presidency Mean For Cannabis?

As more candidates announce their campaigns for the 2016 presidency, we couldn’t help but wonder what each politician’s presidency would mean for the state of cannabis in the U.S. Some candidates have openly shared their thoughts on cannabis while others are a little more shifty.
For example, we know what Bernie Sanders would do for America if he became President – he emphasizes end the War on Drugs, decriminalizing cannabis nationwide, and helping reduce the prison population. Other candidates, like& Chris Christie, for example,would crack down on cannabis and even go as far as enforcing federal law in states with legal medical marijuana or recreational programs. A Christie presidency would push patients back into the scary, unregulated waters of the black market.

Luckily for us, however, Chris Christie is not the front-runner for the GOP candidacy. Instead, the Republican candidate who is currently leading the polls and could secure the nomination for is none other than Donald Trump.

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