Can ABC Family’s ‘Startup U’ Lessen the Stigma of Cannabis?

As the legal cannabis industry grows, companies across the country are struggling with ways to legitimize in the eyes of the public, and expand from niche market to mainstream. Image rehab plays a large part in this and ABC Family’s new show,Startup U, is both a sign of how far the industry has come and how far it still has to go.

Startup U is a reality show in which a group of entrepreneurs go through a sort of entrepreneur boot camp at California’s Draper University. The hopefuls complete a series of challenges each week, gaining the skills needed to successfully build their startup companies, and after seven weeks they will pitch their companies for real investment dollars. The show is not a marijuana show. It’s not Pot Barons or Adam Scott’s upcoming comedy Buds. It’s a business-focused reality show aiming at a mainstream market, and it just so happens that one of the ten entrepreneurs is planning to operate in California’s medical cannabis industry.

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