Will Florida Finally Get Legal Pot?

Florida marijuana proponents are moving forward with a new campaign to legalize pot after a recent push to bring medical cannabis to the state failed to pass muster with voters and state lawmakers. Replican State Rep. Greg Steube of Sarasota refiled a bill Friday to allow the medical use of marijuana. Meanwhile, supporters of a proposed ballot measure that would overhaul the state’s constitution and allow legal cannabis have begun a signature collection drive.

Steube’s bill would allow medical use of nonsmokable marijuana for people with various conditions, including cancer, HIV, multiple sclerosis and any terminal illness where a person has less than a year to live. Patients with prescriptions would have to keep an identification card with them and be entered into an online registry. A similar version of the bill failed to win over lawmakers last year.

Instead, state lawmakers last year passed a law authorizing a type of medical marijuana that purportedly does not get users high and is said to dramatically help children with rare types of epilepsy who suffer from seizures. But that plan has been stalled in court amid legal challenges.

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