Bud and Breakfasts and 420 Tours: Denver Sees a Cannabis ‘Gold Rush’

Eighteen months after Colorado legalized recreational marijuana sales, Denver is full of ‘ganjapreneurs’ opening all manner of pot-infused businesses

It’s not unusual for 24-year-old Maggie Copeland to have a conversation with her coworkers about pot.

“It’s quite professional,” she said of her nonprofit office in Denver, Colorado. “Weed comes up a lot.

“After a tough day, it’s not uncommon that people at work will say ‘I’m gonna go smoke a bowl’ instead of ‘I’m gonna have a glass of wine’.”

If demand is any indication, in the 18 months since recreational marijuana sales became legal, pot has been a booming success. There are now four dispensaries in the Denver area for every Starbucks in the city. And that ratio is growing rapidly.

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