Is it Time to Legalize Marijuana in Sports?

Former SDSU and New Orleans Saints lineman Kyle Turley says marijuana is the only drug that has really helped him, and that it’s safer than opioids

You’ve seen the ubiquitous prescription drug commercials on television.

A happy couple walks hand-in-hand along an isolated beach as the sun sets in the background. The drug name flashes across the screen. Cue a voiceover listing all the possible side effects – always in staccato speed because, well, the number of possible side effects is long enough that it would take a while to get through them all at regular pace.

Kyle Turley was watching one of those commercials earlier this year when he decided enough was enough. He was done with synthetic drugs.

A decade-long NFL career left the former San Diego State All-American offensive tackle with a multitude of health issues. Turley’s football injuries broke his body, but he’s also convinced that football did irreparable damage to his brain. He’s struggled with anxiety, headaches, depression and rage issues. In an interview with the Union-Tribune in 2013, he even admitted to having entertained suicide.

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