Three More British Police Forces say They will No Longer Press Criminal Charges on Small Scale Cannabis Users

Sparking up a spliff in the UK is becoming less of a crime with each new day. Just last week it was announced that Durham’s police force would no longer look to prosecute anyone growing or using small quantities of cannabis, and now three more British counties have followed suit.

Police in Derbyshire, Dorset and Surrey will no longer hit small-scale pot users with heavy criminal charges, and are more likely to let them off with a caution instead.

The relaxation in policy is the result of a number of different contributing factors. Police and Crime Commissioner for Durham, Ron Hogg, said that the threat of criminal repercussions puts users off coming forward to get help, and that the law needed to find a better way of working with them. There is also a feeling that police forces would rather prioritise catching more dangerous criminals, rather than chasing around generally harmless stoners.

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