Kush Nugz Drops Dope Designs

CANNABIS CULTURE – With bright colors, bold typefaces and a brazen attitude, Kush Nugz indisputably stands out against the average pothead t-shirt.

“Back in 2008, I was sitting at home really baked, designing my first t-shirt, and what I came up with was the first Kush Nugz shirt,” Chelsea of Nugz Apparel told Cannabis Culture about the genesis of her now-popular brand.

After an incident involving Chelsea’s older brother finding her roach in the garbage, she was dubbed “nugget” or “nug” for short. Chelsea combined her quirky nickname with a typeface inspired by the much-loved film Tron to create the signature Kush Nugz slogan. She paired this eye-catching text with a purple t-shirt, representative of her favorite marijuana strain, Purple Kush.

The first batch of Kush Nugz shirts sold out in a whirlwind of sales when Chelsea attended the Toronto Freedom Festival in 2009. It soon became obvious this brand was destined for something more, as it was catering to a need not yet satisfied. Nugz Apparel has since become recognizable through undaunted slogans such as “SHITSHOW”, “DABZ”, and “YEAH BISH”.

Kush Nugz

“I tend to be more creative when I’m stoned,” Chelsea said. “I’ll think of a cool design when I’m baked most of the time you know? Like a pot thought.”

She tie-dyes her items by hand, making each piece one-of-a-kind. “They’re all individual, unique and cool.”

Though the four-day process takes time and dedication, especially for one woman, the results are rewarding. “It is really cool when you’re revealing all the shirts after because you never really know how they’re going to turn out.” Luckily we can look forward to “a lot more tie-dyeing for festival season.”

Kush Nugz

On her website she describes her brand as “cool, colorful, and confident.” After meeting her in person, it’s easy to see where these aspects of the clothing come from. Chelsea exemplifies an artist by consistently putting a part of herself into her designs, while still aiming at her target market. Keeping her stoney following in mind, Chelsea stays true to herself. “A lot of the time I’ll just do what I want and hopefully other people like it too.”

In the future we can look forward to Nugz Apparel collaborations with popular Vancouver head shops such as Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Store and Ignite Smoke Shop, so “you can rep’ your favorite store/brand.” Chelsea’s sketchbooks are loaded with dope designs ready to drop.

Kush Nugz

She humbly insisted on giving thanks to all of those who helped her: “I’ve had so much help from a lot of people. That’s cool and important.”

The support Chelsea received helped launch her creative brand. “Beat Street Records, they were the first to put one of my shirts in their stores, that was pretty cool.” Chelsea made sure to give special shouts out to Ignite Smoke Shop, that has supported her brand from the beginning; Dave and Heather at The Goods in Vancouver for all their quality screen and printing; as well as Cannabis Culture Store.

Kush Nugz

Established in Vancouver in 2008, Nugz Apparel has been picking up speed and is only going to continue to grow. Watch CC for updates when Chelsea releases some of her highly-anticipated new designs.

Nugz Apparel is available online at KushNugz.com, as well in these B.C. locations: Cannabis Culture Store, Ignite Smoke Shop, and RedMed.

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Models: Nikki Kirkland, Sarah Jane Washington, Jasmine Spice, Samantha Mathews, Sophie Paje, Sam Wood, Chelsea, Carly Marley, Flavio Pereira.

Photographers: Yigit Gunal, Patrick Hum.

Carly Marley
Carly Marley

Carly Marley is co-host of The 420 Lifestyle on Pot TV and Fashion Editor of Cannabis Culture.