Marijuana Legalization Protects Kids from Pot

Panicking people with false fears about the kids is a proven election ploy, but there’s a limit to how much guano the voters will accept. The laughably inept Proposal 1 campaign this past spring tried to convince us the lives of children were at stake if we didn’t vote yes on the convoluted tax and spending plan, and then racked up one of the biggest rejections of a ballot proposal in state history.

Another tough test of this theory might arrive before the year is out. This time, we’ll be asked to protect the kids from pot.

Recreational marijuana use is now legal in four states, and a serious debate on the matter in Michigan seems likely. Signatures are being gathered for two differentcitizen-initiated laws that would go to the voters for their consideration if one isn’t approved by lawmakers. A third proposal is reportedly in the works.

While polling currently shows soft majority support for legalization, that won’t be enough to carry it across the goal line if the perception takes hold that legalization means putting more pot in the hands of children. Even though regulating a currently lawless market should provide more tools for protecting kids, the “save the children” scare tactic is the only real weapon opponents of weed legalization have left.

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