Mother Fears For Daughter’s Health After Marijuana Prescription Not Renewed

A Calgary mother fears that her nine-year-old daughter’s seizures may return after her doctor declined to renew the girl’s medical marijuana prescription.

Sarah Wilkinson’s daughter Mia used to suffer from up to 100 seizures a day, and took 30 to 40 pills a day to manage her health.

But two years ago, Wilkinson found a doctor at Alberta Children’s Hospital who prescribed Mia medical marijuana.

Wilkinson said she initially had reservations giving her daughter medical marijuana, but it has dramatically improved Mia’s health.

“I myself was uncomfortable giving my daughter THC, until it started working,” Wilkinson told CTV Calgary.

Mia has been seizure-free for one-and-a-half years now, and has weaned off her medications completely. Now, Mia only takes medical marijuana in oil form, which she takes orally.

In a recent email, Mia’s doctor shared some positive news about a test of Mia’s brain.

“Just reviewed the EEG. Completely normal awake … miracles happen!” the email said.

In June, Wilkinson wrote to Mia’s doctor to renew her medical marijuana prescription. He declined, telling her that he is not permitted to fill the renewal because of hospital policy.

The doctor wrote to Wilkinson: “Due to the strict nature of the policy implemented here at Children’s, I am not allowed to fill the forms for renewal of medical marijuana.”

The doctor suggested seeking another physician to fill the prescription, but Wilkinson hasn’t been able to find one.

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