“Store Crasher” Art Auction Fundraiser for the Stressed and Depressed Association

CANNABIS CULTURE – The Stressed & Depressed Association is having a “store crasher” art auction and fundraiser to pay for what the insurance doesn’t cover – and to buy some solid crash poles.

A robber drove a van through the front wall of our dispensary and we are hoping to raise cash to purchase some crash barriers so it doesn’t happen again.

Since we need these crash poles to stay in business and we have no other way to raise the money, this is make it or break it time. Please come down and get some great deals on some fine cannabo-centric masterpieces.

Fantastic deals on art by Bob High, Dave Douglas, Dave Weirmeir, Ken Foster, Alan Sayers, Dottie Locks, Megan Allard, John Walkus Green, Frank Martin, Hook and more.

The auction is Thursday, June 18 from 8pm to 11pm . We’re located at 1353 East 41st Avenue.

For more information about the Stressed and Depressed Association, visit our website at StressedAndDepressed.ca