Vancouver Marijuana Public Hearing Under Fire

A group opposed to marijuana dispensaries in Vancouver says it will boycott a public hearing this week at city hall about proposed new laws for the stores. 

Smart Approaches to Marijuana Canada is asking others to stay away too.

“We think that this really is going to be a circus and platform for the pot lobby more than anything else,” said Pamela McColl who speaks for the group, which is trying to be the voice of dissent for Vancouver’s plans to regulate more than 90 dispensaries currently operating in the city.

“It should not be allowed to happen. They should not be given licenses. Let people get marijuana for medical purposes through the Canadian government’s Health Canada program,” she said.

The public hearing takes place on Wednesday June 10 at, at city hall. Smart Approaches’ attempt to limit the hearing doesn’t appear to be working.

So far 65 people have registered to speak on proposed bylaw changes for marijuana-related businesses.

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