Marijuana Legalization 2015: Women are Making Their Mark on the Cannabis Industry

Six months after graduating from college, Julie Berliner had to make a life-changing decision: pursue a career as an elementary school teacher or take a chance on the budding marijuana industry in Colorado. “I took that left turn and didn’t look back. That was five years ago,” Berliner said in an interview at the Marijuana Business Conference and Expo here this week.

Berliner’s Sweet Grass Kitchen produces edibles for both the medical and recreational cannabis markets.

“I started with one recipe and one dispensary,” Berliner said. Since then, she has expanded to brownies, seasonal pies in summer and winter, and peanut-butter-and-jelly cups, as well as other varieties of cookies.

Berliner is among a growing number of women getting involved on the ground floor of the cannabis industry, despite the roadblocks resulting from the illegal status on the federal level. For example, none of her products can be shipped by U.S. mail or by carriers such as FedEx or UPS. Deliveries must be made directly from her production facility to retailers or by courier.

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