BC Capital Considers Crackdown on Medical Marijuana Businesses

Victoria city staff are recommending using business licence regulations to crack down on the budding problem of firms selling medical marijuana.

In the past year, there has been an explosion of marijuana-related businesses. Storefronts selling marijuana are clearly prohibited by federal laws, says a report going to Victoria councillors Thursday.

“It’s beyond frustrating,” Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps said of the murky waters surrounding regulation of marijuana-related businesses.

“We can’t refuse people a business licence for doing legitimate business activities. Selling marijuana is not a legitimate business activity, but being a consultant is.”

A year ago, there were only four marijuana-related businesses operating in the city. Now there are 18, including businesses that sell drug paraphernalia and provide medical advice or consulting relating to the use of medical marijuana.

Victoria police and city bylaw enforcement officers say they receive a variety of complaints about some of these businesses, including an increase in unwelcome foot traffic, odour, questions about the safety of food products being sold and other health issues as well as exposure of youth to the sale of marijuana.

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