Rotten to the Core: The DEA Under Michele Leonhart

Following revelations of sex parties with Colombian drug cartel prostitutes by agents on her watch, Michele Leonhart will leave the top job at the DEA. She told the Attorney General, Eric Holder that she planned to retire after 8 years as the Agency’s administrator. The report on sexual misconduct with the DEA, Department of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, US Marshalls Service (USMS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), was the final straw for the embattled Drug Agency boss, whose career was peppered with calamity, embarrassment and missteps.

What’s just as worrying as the criminal behavior of her underlings was the policy of lies and cover-ups that existed under her stewardship. Is it really surprising, that an organization’s discipline would fall apart if their boss was evasive and hostile to her superiors? She was openly critical of the president’s policies on drug enforcement and with the secretive Special Operations Division (SOD), ignored the law and skirted the judicial process.

Even before she was confirmed by Congress as the new administrator in 2010, she was stonewalling Congress.

Leonhart is a holdover from the days of Bush’s tenure as president. She joined the DEA in 1980 and was popular amongst the ranks of law enforcement for her experience on the streets as a beat cop in Baltimore, Maryland. She rose quickly to become the first female Special Agent in Charge and then became acting administrator of the DEA in 2004. A smooth run through the Bush years, where her role in the “War on Drugs,” was as you might expect: No compromise and no surrender. It was heartily endorsed.

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