Crackdown to Follow New Washington Medical Marijuana Law

Gov. Jay Inslee has signed into law an overhaul of Washington’s medical marijuana market that creates a voluntary database of patients and cracks down on unregulated dispensary sales.

Many believe the law will thin the number of store fronts that have opened because of a new license requirement regulated by the state Liquor Control Board.

Inslee has said the measure is needed now that the state’s voter-approved recreational market is in place. The passage of Initiative 502 in 2012 allowed the sale of marijuana to adults for recreational use. Recreational businesses have complained that they’re being squeezed by medical dispensaries that have proliferated in many parts of the state.

“I’m still able to grow my medicine in my garage for my son. I’m still able to get him everything he needs in a cost-effective way. The only difference is that now I’m certain we’ve got something stable,” said Ryan Day of Federal Way.

Home grows will still be allowed, which is great news for 6-year-old Hayden Day’s family. He suffers from a rare form of epilepsy and ingests a marijuana oil extract, made from marijuana his father, Ryan Day, grows.

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