Legalise Cannabis and Ecstasy as Medicines, Expert Tells Scots

Professor David Nutt – sacked by the last UK Labour government after saying some drugs were less dangerous than alcohol and tobacco – has long campaigned for decriminalisation.

Now, with other campaigners, Prof Nutt wants to see the SNP use its Westminster influence after next month’s general election to push through reform north of the border on cannabis and MDMA, the scientific name of ecstasy.

The psychiatrist said: “Scotland has its own health service and it’s perfectly possible for Scotland to say we want to start developing cannabis and MDMA medicines that would have a massive impact on not only the patient base in Scotland but also on the economy of Scotland.

“I’m going to campaign for Scottish scientists to actually take the world forward where there are bans on useful medicines like cannabis and MDMA to an enlightened attitude that is world leading. I think Scotland can do that.”

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