Is the President Discovering the Political Benefits of Cannabis?

President Barack Obama is heading to Jamaica this week. No, there’s no “Choom Gang” reunion in the works, mon. He’s visiting a conference of Caribbean nations on the way to a summit in Panama.

You could hardly be blamed for entertaining a “second term, baby!” fantasy about the president’s island itinerary, though, considering some of his recent words and moves about pot—and marijuana’s evolution in American politics. Much like gay marriage, it’s become a kind of wedge issue, one which may play an important role in the next cycle. And recently, the president may have signaled his intent to make use of it.

Nearly half the states have medical marijuana laws on the books, and four states and the nation’s capital now have measures that allow recreational use of marijuana by adults. As many as nine more states may have adult use measures on the ballot in 2016. Those efforts may have the broader effect of drawing young voters to the polls, which likely would benefit Democrats because younger voters tend to vote for them.

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