Legalization Of Marijuana For Personal Use Approved By Chilean Health Commission

Juan Luis Castro, the President of the Health Commission Chamber explained that “the growth of marijuana for personal use will be authorized with a limit of 6 plants per household. It will be in the hands of the health authorities that this regulation be met […] It has been affirmed that smoking marijuana on public streets, in open public spaces or in public spaces inside a private enclosure will never be permitted.”

The congressman Víctor Torres clarified that this bill will “establish a balance between the permissiveness of the consumption of cannabis, which already existed in Chile as it was not penalised, and obviously the growing of the plants in private spaces for public use.

“For this, the bill will establish with clarity how many cannabis plants will be allowed to be kept in a private space for recreational use, the regulations that will come with this, and also the regulation on how many grams of this substance can be carried.” In regards to the quantity allowed to be carried, a person will be permitted to carry an estimated 10 grams.

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