“Good to Know” Colorado Campaign Aims to Educate Cannabis Businesses and Consumers on Responsible Best Practices

The cannabis industry, as quickly as it’s progressing, is still in its infancy. One reason states are hesitant to jump on board the legalization train is because they’re waiting to see how states like Colorado and Washington set up their programs, regulate them, and implement them safely and effectively.

Colorado has paved the way for the past 15 months, and so far there’s been little to criticize — the state has seen a drop in crime, arrests, and unemployment, it’s constantly adapting its medical and recreational cannabis regulations to ensure safe, well-functioning programs, and its recreational cannabis program has already generated over $15 million for schools. Now the Centennial State is implementing a “Good to Know” campaign designed to educate both marijuana consumers and retailers on best practices for navigating through the legal market safely and successfully.

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