Rosin Tech: The Death of BHO

CANNABIS CULTURE – Rosin Tech is the mind-blowingly easy way to extract beautiful shatter-like hash resin – known as rosin – from your cannabis flowers.

In the following videos, hash master Johnny B shows us the method, popularized by Soilgrown Sal and featured on Hash Church, using a handheld hair straightener an ounce of high grade Medi Kush.

The method uses no butane, alcohols, or other solvents – just heat from the iron and a piece of parchment paper to collect the rosin.

Watch Cannabis Culture this weekend for video featuring the next stage of Rosin Tech: using a T-shirt press for larger, more efficient extractions.

Photo below by heavyicerx who wrote: “7.1g in, .76g out today. Iron at 310°, no more than a 4 second press with my arm against my leg.”

Explore the technique further on the Rosin Techs Facebook page.



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  2. Anonymous on

    Its nice seeing this done in Canada eh.

  3. Anonymous on

    Good technique yo.

  4. How to Rosin Tech on

    I wouldn’t say Rosin is the Death of BHO, but it is definitely a huge competitor. Rosin will not completely replace BHO because Rosin is more difficult to mass produce. The great aspect of Rosin is anyone can do it in the safety of their own home. All you need is a hair straightener, some marijuana nugs and parchment paper to make flower rosin. Using heat and pressure, the oils from the plant can be extracted into dabable form. BHO uses harmful chemicals to extract the oils from the plant which are then vigorously removed through different evaporation processes. Rosin Tech is a tedious process, but when perfected can be highly efficient and fun to do. To get started, check out to get your own heat press so you can start squishing nugs.