Rosin Tech: The Death of BHO

CANNABIS CULTURE – Rosin Tech is the mind-blowingly easy way to extract beautiful shatter-like hash resin – known as rosin – from your cannabis flowers.

In the following videos, hash master Johnny B shows us the method, popularized by Soilgrown Sal and featured on Hash Church, using a handheld hair straightener an ounce of high grade Medi Kush.

The method uses no butane, alcohols, or other solvents – just heat from the iron and a piece of parchment paper to collect the rosin.

Watch Cannabis Culture this weekend for video featuring the next stage of Rosin Tech: using a T-shirt press for larger, more efficient extractions.

Photo below by heavyicerx who wrote: “7.1g in, .76g out today. Iron at 310°, no more than a 4 second press with my arm against my leg.”

Explore the technique further on the Rosin Techs Facebook page.