Medical Marijuana Users in Halifax Speak Out Against New Federal Rules

Bob Dillman was first authorized to grow marijuana for his own medical use in 2008. Now, almost seven years later, he and his wife are facing charges of possession and production of cannabis.

While Dillman continued to grow marijuana for his own use, as he had done legally for years, he is now in violation of rules the federal government introduced last year that prevent medical marijuana users from legally growing their own cannabis — Health Canada says patients must obtain medical cannabis through licensed producers.

“I’m on a fixed income, I’d have to pay more than what I get in just for my cannabis,” said Dillman.

According to Dillman, cannabis is the only thing that’s helped with his back injury and chemical and environmental sensitivities. He said he can’t afford to buy cannabis through licensed producers, and said even if he could, the product sold contains chemicals he can’t handle.

“I have no option, so I’ll either go to jail and die or I’ll die out here without,” he said.

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