God Didn’t Make a Mistake When He Made Marijuana, So Legalize It

Texas Republican and State Rep. David Simpson believes that it is an inappropriate use of government power to arrest people for their use of cannabis – so much so he has pre-filed legislation repealing marijuana-related offenses from the Texas criminal code.

House Bill 2165 is noteworthy for its simplicity; it removes references to marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia offenses from the criminal statute.

“Nearly a century ago, the Texas legislature made a mistake in judgment based on misinformation and unfortunate motivations, Rep. Simpson said in letter to lawmakers urging them to co-sponsor his legislation. “Due to this mistake a relatively benign plant was made illegal to grow, possess, and sell in Texas.”

Passage of Rep. Simpson’s bill would end each of these marijuana-related prosecutions in the Lone Star State. “Repealing prohibition of the plant will result in savings of millions of dollars currently being spent in the name of the war on drugs,” Simpson said. “[It] will end the destruction and disruption of thousands of lives caused by the heavy penalties for those who use the plant, and will restore freedom and dignity to all Texans.”

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