Health Canada Criticized By Police Over Medical Marijuana Enforcement, Documents Show

Health Canada was flooded with hundreds of letters from police and other officials questioning the department’s oversight of Canada’s medical marijuana program in the two years leading up to a push by Ottawa to commercialize medical pot.

The letters, obtained by HuffPost Canada under access to information laws, detail the complaints from police about the lack of communication between Health Canada and law enforcement across the country when it comes to supervising legal marijuana operations.

Many of the letters from police express frustration about Health Canada’s supervision of some medical marijuana users.

“We have had too many instances where known drug trafficking suspects have been found in possession of large quantities of packaged dried marijuana bud but [we]have not been able to take any legal action because they possess a personal possession licence,” one unidentified RCMP officer in B.C. wrote in June 2013.

“There are a lot of questions which I think we need to have addressed.”

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