Ex-Ontario Premier Ernie Eves Joins Jamaican Medical Marijuana Company

Ernie Eves has gone from politics to pot.

While other politicians tend to join law firms, become consultants or work on various other staid pursuits, the former Progressive Conservative premier of Ontario has chosen to branch out.

He has joined Timeless Herbal Care — a Jamaican medical marijuana company with ties in Canada and Israel — as its chairman.
But Eves says his medical marijuana work shouldn’t be construed as support for broader use and he insists he hasn’t sampled the merchandise.

“No, my standard response to that was only for (Toronto Argonauts football) games, but that was about 40 years ago when the Argos were brutal,” the 68-year-old says, laughing in a telephone interview. “I could say for (Toronto Maple Leafs) games today I suppose, but no, I do not use it.”

Timeless Herbal Care is run by Courtney Betty, formerly a Toronto-based lawyer, and through mutual friends Eves says he got on board.

Eves was Ontario’s premier from April 2002 to October 2003 and led the province during some rocky times, particularly the SARS crisis and the blackout of 2003. Eves is on several boards, but he admits this one is a bit different.

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