Triple Murder of American Siblings in Mexico Highlights Unrelenting Drug War at Our Doorstep

Four people are kidnapped and beaten, possibly tortured. They are bound, gagged and taken out to a remote rural area where they are executed with a bullet to the head. Then they’re left to rot in the elements.

No one would fault you for thinking this is likely a scene right out of the war-torn Middle East, where the fundamentalist terrorist group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, has run roughshod over the land. As it takes over huge swaths of territory, the well-funded organization commits barbaric atrocities on a daily basis, even beheading American journalists.

But we’re not talking Syria or Iraq—actually, much closer to home. Mostly gone from the headlines though just as brutal and even deadlier in nature, the bloody drug war in Mexico just a few hours’ drive from San Antonio drags on, producing a staggering estimated death toll of 70,000 over the last decade.

Many critics accuse the United States of turning a blind eye to its neighbor’s suffering, despite direct U.S. involvement since the high demand for drugs north of the border has not abated.

Just south of the Texas-Mexico border, ruthless drug cartels like Los Zetas and Cartel del Golfo operate with impunity, often in close collaboration with corrupt government officials. These transnational criminal organizations have unleashed deadly violence on innocent people, including decapitation, mass murder, kidnappings, torture and other horrible crimes against humanity.

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