Man Blew Up Bedroom While Making Marijuana Oil from Internet Recipe

Don’t try this at home.

A Kitchener man sparked an explosion in his apartment that left him with severe burns when his attempt to make marijuana oil went awry. On Friday, Curtis Winthrop, 49, pleaded guilty to producing cannabis resin and causing an explosion.

After watching a video on the Internet on how to make marijuana oil, he gave it a shot. Winthrop bought butane from a convenience store and went to work in the bedroom.

The explosion on July 21 blew the bedroom door off its hinges and knocked the living room air conditioner out the window, prosecutor Kathleen Nolan told Kitchener court. The upstairs tenant felt the floor lift.

The blast also sparked a fire.

When emergency crews arrived, Winthrop was covered in soot and screaming, Nolan said.

He suffered severe burns and spent 10 weeks in hospital.

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