Watch 2 Chainz and Nancy Grace Get Into a Heated Debate About Marijuana Legalization

Rapper 2 Chainz is a pretty big fan of weed, and he’s pretty open about it. So naturally, TV personality Nancy Grace decided to bring him on her HLN show for a rousing debate about whether or not marijuana should be legalized.

Hint: Nancy Grace thinks it should not. 2 Chainz thinks it should. Oddly enough, this makes for really, really entertaining television. Grace mostly just yells and makes exaggerated facial expressions during her argument, while Mr. Chainz — who, it should be noted, is rocking a really awesome sweater — stays calm and paints a larger picture about how legalization would positively affect all taxpayers.

When Grace continually showed 2 Chainz a video of a small child being forced to smoke weed, the rapper’s response was, essentially, “I’m different.” (And according to him, so is almost everyone else who smokes marijuana.)

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