Watch 2 Chainz and Nancy Grace Get Into a Heated Debate About Marijuana Legalization

Rapper 2 Chainz is a pretty big fan of weed, and he’s pretty open about it. So naturally, TV personality Nancy Grace decided to bring him on her HLN show for a rousing debate about whether or not marijuana should be legalized.

Hint: Nancy Grace thinks it should not. 2 Chainz thinks it should. Oddly enough, this makes for really, really entertaining television. Grace mostly just yells and makes exaggerated facial expressions during her argument, while Mr. Chainz — who, it should be noted, is rocking a really awesome sweater — stays calm and paints a larger picture about how legalization would positively affect all taxpayers.

When Grace continually showed 2 Chainz a video of a small child being forced to smoke weed, the rapper’s response was, essentially, “I’m different.” (And according to him, so is almost everyone else who smokes marijuana.)

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  1. Anonymous on

    I can’t stand nancy grace she’s a judgemental bitch. They should have took her off the air a long time ago. She has no respect for anybody

  2. Anonymous on

    This was cringeworthy!

    How can she be on the air? How is it possible to not hate her?

  3. Anonymous on

    take this idiot off the air she is an absolute fool every answer 2 chains gives she starts talking over top of him this woman is a terrible person