Did NCAA Go Too Far with Oregon Marijuana Suspensions?

Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota’s receiving options will be limited in Monday night’s national championship against Ohio State. That’s been a short-handed group all year. However, the latest attrition to the Ducks’ wide receiver unit isn’t because of injury or bad luck.

According to Aaron Fentress of CSNNW.com, second-leading receiver Darren Carrington failed an NCAA-administered drug test for marijuana and did not travel to Arlington for the title game. Pete Thamel of Sports Illustrated later reported that running back Ayele Forde will also miss the game because of a failed drug test for marijuana.

The Ducks will already be without Devon Allen, who led the team with seven receiving touchdowns, because of a knee injury.

“Darren’s my friend,” said Allen to Pat Forde of Yahoo Sports. “I love that guy and it sucks that he can’t play and the NCAA made an example out of him.”

There’s no debate that Carrington and Forde are in the wrong, even though Oregon, along with Alaska, is set to legalize marijuana for recreational use by this year. (Recreational use is already legal in Colorado and Washington.) They used it and got busted for it. As a result, they won’t be able to help their team. That part is as black and white as it gets.

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