Yellowstone National Park Sees Increase in Visitors Arrested for Marijuana Possession

Yellowstone National Park is set in a region known as Big Sky Country but it may soon earn a new nickname – ‘big high country’ – after a series of arrests.

Authorities say an increasing number of visitors to the world’s first national park are being caught with small amounts of medical and recreational marijuana, which are illegal on federal land.

As of mid-December the US Attorney’s Office in Cheyenne, Wyoming, had prosecuted 80 marijuana cases in 2014, up from 52 in 2013 and nearly four times the number of cases it handled in 2010.

And it appears the trend is partially due to the growing prevalence of legal pot in other states, including neighbouring Colorado, where voters legalised medical marijuana in 2000 and the state approved recreational use in 2012.

Yellowstone’s chief ranger, Tim Reid, said he believes the increase mirrors the prevalence of cannabis in society, but rangers are also attributing the increase to the ignorance of federal law.

Those convicted of misdemeanour marijuana possession usually receive a $1,000 fine (approximately £650).

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