Why I Went Naked For Toronto Alt Weekly NOW

It didn’t take me long to reply to Toronto alt weekly NOW editor’s email about getting naked in their Love Your Body Issue (Thursday Jan. 8). I thought it’d be a great and checked with two friends to confirm before hitting reply.  

The experience was extremely positive and the published results speak for themselves – we all look fantastic!   

Going into it I knew their goal was to create a diverse group of people who didn’t fit typical mainstream media mold of what beauty is.

The team of people who took my photo were very enthusiastic by their assignment’s potential impact on convincing readers to love their bodies just the way it is and with numerous people getting naked for NOW – readers might find someone they can relate too –  including the chronically pained me.

My body doesn’t always work and  its always pained, but for the past three years I’ve been madly in love with it. Today, upon seeing the published results and recieving such amazing positive responses – I’m more in love than ever before with my physical shape.

Weekly pilates lessons (Ugly Duckling Pilates) has played a tremendous role, fresh juicing and a correct dosage of cannabis. My stress levels has been greatly reduced with the feds no longer wanting to imprison me.

Their photo shoot was almost clinical in nature, but I would’ve preferred hot yoga studio warm. Even better would’ve been two space heaters blasting directly at my skinniness.

Stripped of all my cannabis costumes – sans a pot inspired private part covering essential – people can see what a small framed fellow I am.

I wasn’t the skinny one – another dude had that role.

Unfortunately a 9.5 out of 10 on the pain scale day really made for a challenging photoshoot. Two days leading up to the photoshoot I was bedridden with a brand new problem – a swollen prostate. Just moving my pelvis was a challenge and I really didn’t feel like being photographed, but I wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to get naked in print!

Afterall this might be my only time a publication asks me to pose sans clothing….or will it.  

A strong reason to pose for NOW was to begin to bring balance to the debate around male nakedness and marijuana. 

We’ve discussed the issue on The Mernahuana Zone – usually after showing #nakedbongrips – about how there are no stoner guys posing naked with their bongs, pipes, leaves, or dab units. Guys, you don’t have to wave your unit around to be sexy.

Plus I got to take back all the times I’ve been stripped searched by having a new naked experience. It’s degrading and though they are not supposed to make verbal comments – prison and police officials do. Some Toronto police officers have admitted they even violate the constitutional process designed to make strip searches less degrading.

The number of people getting stripped searched for cannabis by Toronto Police Service is remarkably high.  TPS constables have always taken a huge interest in my naked body when I’m arrested – now officers can enjoy my nakedness all week.

How about in 2015 more weed guys get naked with ganja as a form of male stoner sexual freedom or if they like pothead political protest?

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Matt Mernagh
Matt Mernagh

Matt Mernagh is author of Marijuana Smoker's Guidebook The Easy Way To Identify and Enjoy Marijuana Strains (http://amzn.to/1bRlaGm) by Green Candy Press and hosts a weekly weedy webcast The Menahuana Zone on Pot.TV every Tuesday. The Mernagh Ruling is a test case of Canada's cannabis laws and was spearheaded by Mernagh, lawyer Paul Lewin and 22 witnesses from across Canada.