Portland Medical Marijuana Dispensary Owner Says Utah Company Refused to Make Sign for His Business

Don Morse wanted to install an electric sign on his Southwest Portland medical marijuana dispensary so he arranged for a local representative of a national sign company to come by his shop.

A few days later, Sharyl Herigstad, an Oregon representative of Yesco, the Utah-based sign company, emailed Morse a proposed design. Morse, who with Sarah Bennett owns the Human Collective, approved the sketches and waited for the bid.

Instead, he got a call last month from Herigstad who said the company’s corporate officials rejected the job, which Morse estimated would have cost $10,000.

“Corporate said, ‘We don’t do business with marijuana,'” said Morse. “They steadfastly refused to build us a sign.”

Morse wanted the sign to feature the shop’s name and carry a green cross, a common symbol for medical marijuana. He said Herigstad referred him to another sign company.

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