Colorado Legalizes Marijuana – and Crime Drops 15%

Anti-marijuana activists have warned that legalising weed would lead to increased drug addiction, mental problems and crime – but in Colorado, which legalised recreational use of marijuana, the opposite has happened.

Overall, crime has fallen by 15% and murder has dropped by 50%.

Sexual assaults and car crime have fallen, and violent crime is down 10% overall.

Sales of legalised marijuana have boomed in the state – with more then £22 million sold in August alone.

The state puts 10% of that money towards building and maintaining schools, with donations now at £2.2 million per month.

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  1. MGC on

    Of course theirs a decrease in crime rates. Marijuana is a major cash crop and will forever be sold

  2. Mevrouw Ratsrectum on

    nothing to counter the Skunk scaremongering there, NOTHING to help Colin Davies set up cannabis cafes, another rich blowhard.