Feds Charge Too Much For Pot, Users Say

Ottawa’s new rules for obtaining medical marijuana are getting under the skin of some local medicinal users.

Richard Barahona, 44, was diagnosed with cancer almost two years ago. He tried more traditional methods of treatment but found they were either worsening his condition or not working.

He says the new system is nothing more than a money grab.

“We should be able to practise our alternative and make ourselves feel better and recuperating in what we’re suffering from,” said Barahona, a former respite worker who is now a co-owner of Vapes on Main, a downtown medical marijuana café.

“We wouldn’t take medicine away from other patients. It’s just an opportunity for them (the government) to cash in.”

Barahona says the federal government’s new system has set prices too high, so he’s been forced to go into sketchy areas in the city to get his medicine.

“I sometimes find myself in the back lanes of hotels, buying grams here and there,” he said. “I shouldn’t have to take a risk to do this.”

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