Maine Will Require Medical Marijuana Providers to Issue Patient ID Cards

State officials on Tuesday announced changes to the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Program that they said will increase security for patients and deter fraud.

Medical providers who provide patients with recommendations to use medical marijuana will be required to complete the certification process online and immediately provide an identification card to the patient.

Identification cards demonstrating legal participation in the medical marijuana program are now issued by the state, and only to patients who voluntarily register.

The new patient certification cards will be printed on specialized paper that cannot be reproduced when scanned or copied, said Kenneth Albert, director of the Division of Licensing and Regulatory Services. The changes take effect Jan. 5.

State officials say the changes will improve security, although they are likely to face questions from medical marijuana users who are fearful that the state will compile a list of patients.

Dispensaries and caregivers have reported that fraudulent duplication of patient certification cards “has been a significant area of concern since the program’s inception,” Albert said. The department regularly heard stories about people who created fraudulent patient certification forms and tried to use them at dispensaries, he said.

“This will eliminate the potential for a patient to replicate his or her card to gain access to additional amounts of marijuana at different dispensaries or through caregivers,” he said.

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