4/20 Marijuana Protest Returns To Vancouver Art Gallery in 2015

CANNABIS CULTURE – Vancouver 4/20, the massive pot protest rally held downtown every April 20, will return to the Vancouver Art Gallery in 2015.

Organizers of the event met with city officials this morning to discuss details of the annual protest and were informed that construction on the Art Gallery grounds previously scheduled for April – which would have forced a venue change – has been postponed. This will allow protestors to use the space in the same way they have in previous years.

The news comes as a relief to 4/20 organizers, who were beginning to get nervous about finding a suitable replacement venue.

Creative stoners working for Vancouver’s Prince of Pot Marc Emery came up with the concept of an all-day 4/20 celebration based on the concept of international marijuana-smoking time 4:20.

The celebration has grown to include a stage with live musical acts and activist speakers, and a open-to-all marijuana farmers market with more than 200 vendors selling a rainbow of cannabis strains and products.

Activists meet every year with city staff, police and emergency services to coordinate efforts to maximize safety during the event, which is attended by an estimated 30,000 people.

See coverage of past 4/20 events on Cannabis Culture and Pot TV.



  1. jeremiah on

    The organizers of 4/20 agreed that we would only move the event if we were forced to because of construction. Since there will be no construction, it is not necessary – or feasible – to move the event.

    The location we “picked out”, Jack Poole plaza, is problematic for many reasons including that the City and police have given us a firm “NO” to supporting our using it. This is based on the fact that the space has weight and capacity limits and is owned by federal government and policed by a private security firm. 

    It would be nice to move the event but since the Art Gallery will be empty, it would be a logistical nightmare, since people would just show up (and set up) at the VAG anyway.

    Organizers of the event agreed that unless the city has the lot fenced off for construction, we would continue to have the event at its traditional home, despite its limitations.




  2. Dana Larsen on

    Sad to see this event won’t be moving to a bigger, better location as planned.

    The Art Gallery is fine for an event with 3000 people. But with 30,000 people, the Art Gallery is way too crowded, too unfocused and inaccessible. People can’t participate in the event because of the overcrowding. It’s like a giant mosh pit, and that is not really fun for stoned people to be stuck in.

    We had a new spot picked out which would accommodate a much larger crowd, allow more space for booths, and let the event continue to grow. Why aren’t we moving as planned?

    4/20 is stifled at the Art Gallery. We’ve grown rootbound. It’s time for a change!

  3. Microgrow on

    Wow what a pot rally the moment this becomes a worldwide celebration is the moment I know how much times have changed for us protesters